Monday, October 28, 2013

My Halloween Post

I grew up on a country highway and then moved to college dorms, college apartments, apartments in DC and then San Francisco and then to Oakland. We never had Trick-or-Treaters. Well, we had one at our apartment in San Francisco and I had no candy so I gave the poor kid a freckled banana. We might have had one vanload of kids at our Oakland place. But that's about 40 years or Halloweens.

Now, I live in Trick-or-Treat mecca. I always thought it would be fun, in the same way I wanted to badly to live on a parade route during Mardi Gras when I was growing up. I thought those were the luckiest things in the world. And, now, I can tell you, it's completely insane to be in Trick-or-Treat mecca, but I LOVE it. I suck at decorating. We are just too busy and non-construction savvy to do up the yard proper. I hate dressing up (getting the kids in costume takes priority and that's ok). But I love being in the middle of it all. I love not having to go anywhere. I love walking around and being able to come back to my house for a little wine and nosh. I love seeing neighbors at the door. It's great. 

So, happy Halloween, y'all!